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We always tell ourselves, "I can live better, I can live in peace, I can be happier". And the more we want that, the easier it is to harmonise ourselves with the world around us through the elements of nature that represent it. FIRE, AIR, WATER AND EARTH tune us into a positive frequency and a mentality which gradually begins to push out all negative and unimportant thoughts. The segments of the elements of nature connect our heart with everything around us, stir our feelings and lead to a state of harmony through which we receive energy from nature and time.

The Soul Elements brand is affiliated with the properties of the elements of nature and provides an answer to the question how each and every one of us can find harmony through their powers and properties. How the elements influence the various zodiac signs and why they're so important for our bond with ourselves and others. If you want your energy to merge with that of the people you love, then you're definitely more curious than most people. Nature communicates with us through its elements and this is more important for us than we think.

Fire adds fuel to our body and soul since it brings out our strength and ability to survive, to move forward and change. It gives us physical energy, a river of energy for the body – passing through its form. Fire is very important for ARIES, LEO and SAGITTARIUS.

The Earth element offers the paradigm for the rest of the physical elements, it prompts us to remember what is significant in ourselves, to remember the elements outside of ourselves. This element gives us stability, endurance and materializes our desires. It is particularly important for  TAURUS, VIRGO and CAPRICORN.

Air is our mental activity, it's in us for a very short time. If we don't share it, it will ruin us. The element of air teaches us to share with others. It teaches us gratitude. This element is very important to GEMINI, LIBRA and AQUARIUS.

The water inside us opens up our consciousness so that we can accept for granted everything that we call "ours", for "ourselves", "for us". This element is related to expressing our feelings and intuition. It's our ability to mix with others without losing ourselves. Water is very important for CANCER, SCORPIO and PISCES.

Soul Elements‘ products are connected to our relationship with all parts of the material world and our harmony with nature. Our teas, chocolates, cosmetics, candles and home items pay special attention to the elements EARTH, WATER, FIRE and AIR. The power of Soul Elements lets us break away from the daily stress and helps us reach harmony of body and soul.